Melty Morpeko Sticker Pair

$4.50 On Sale

Morpeko, the Two-Sided Pokémon. Brand new to the Pokémon family, this dual-type Electric & Dark cutie can change forms when it's feeling a bit hangry! Keep this melty pair with a full belly; stick them on your lunchbox and more!

FOR A LIMITED TIME! Purchased as a pair and share with your hangriest friends!
Friend of the Pokemon Pop Culture Pops Set!

Opaque quality 3" vinyl sticker, UV coated, matte finish, weatherproof. These stickers are subject to change in quality in new reorders and in-person.

What causes am I supporting by buying these lil dudes?
Proceeds for this fanart sticker collection will go to mental health causes like the Trevor Project. Being there for someone in their version of a meltdown is a hella nice thing to do & your support helps fellow human beings move forward.

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